Eye Imagine 35 Color Eye Shadow Palette (As Eye Wish)

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What it is

J. Cat Beauty’s Eye-magine Palette is a highly versatile 35 eye shadow palette with shades that are convenient for day and night. This palette carries shades ranging from subtle to exotic. The subtle shades can complement any daytime looks; whereas the exotic shades can help you achieve a more dramatic look for night time.

What it does

“Eye-magine” eye shadow palettes feature 35 alluring shades that present endless possibilities. From sophisticated matte shades to dazzling shimmers, Eye-magine can help you achieve any look imaginable. The highly pigmented formula which is also easy to blend, delivers a remarkable finish at all times. This palette will fit right in with any of your daily makeup routines.

How to use

  1. Prep the eye with J.Cat Beauty’s “All About that Base” eye primer
  2. Use J. Cat Beauty’s BR11 or a small shadow brush to apply any shade of shadow, use dabbing motion
  3. Use J. Cat Beauty’s BR07 or a blending brush to blend shades together, use swiping motion.

Eye Imagine 35 Color Eye Shadow Palette (As Eye Wish)